Saturday, March 17, 2012

Post-PAO - 19 months

After I originally posted this, I went back and looked at my previous posts and realized I didn't post ANYTHING after I scheduled my PAO! I was so busy job-hunting and getting ready to move that I forgot about it. After my surgery, I was busy writing other things and then continuing my job hunt. On that note, I have good news - I've been in my new job for a little more than a year and also taking some graduate courses.

So lets see what I've been up to post-PAO (surgery was July 2010). Last fall, I hiked nine miles one Saturday and biked 40 miles a couple of weeks later (with plenty of biking in between). I've been riding horses since just four months after my PAO, so that's not new. I also got back on my snowboard at five months post-surgery (with my surgeon's permission), but this year I stepped up my snowboarding to include jumps and racing. Not bad for a 46-year-old with wonky hips, huh? I also tried some jogging last fall, but with the current trouble I'm now having, that probably wasn't a good idea, and I will probably stick to walking. I'm going to physical therapy for a problem with a ligament, and neither the physical therapist nor my surgeon know why it's bothering me. If it does not clear up with the current round of therapy, I'm planning to try acupuncture. I'll try to remember to post the outcome either way.

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